The Town of Bath has a rich history of more than 250 years as the country’s first spa and notable resort area. Not only does it possess one of the most prominent colonial histories in West Virginia, it is also prominent on the national level.

The Historic Landmark Commission seeks to preserve the historic sites of the Town of Bath

Treasurer Ryan Rebant

Members; Zachary Salman, Joyce Jones, John Mason, Steve Harmison.

Link to The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties

Map of Historic District

Link to the nomination package for the Town of Bath

Town of Bath
Historic District
2021 Resurvey & Expansion

Webpage to access the individual data sheets (with pictures) for the buildings included in the original survey done in the 2006-2007 timeframe plus the resurvey completed in 2021. 


Ordinance to Amends Chapter 42 Historic Preservation Article II 2022-08-02

HLC/Certified Local Government Annual Report – Nov 2022


January 12, 2023 Minutes

November 17, 2022 Minutes

October 27, 2022 Minutes

September 29, 2022 Minutes

August 10, 2022 Minutes

August 10, 2022 Historic Landmark Commission Agenda