Engineering and Consulting for Design, Engineering Plans, Specifications, Estimates and Construction Administration of Greenway Cemetery Improvement for Town of Bath (Berkeley Springs), West Virginia.

April 2014

Town of Bath
Attn: Ms. Debra Peck
271 Wilkes Street
Berkeley Springs WV 25411

Table of Contents

1. Introduction and Overview
2. Deliverables
3 Schedule
4. Meetings and Coordination
5. Consultant Proposal Submittal Requirements

1. Introduction and Overview

The Town of Bath, West Virginia (located in Berkeley Springs, Morgan County)

is seeking qualified applicants to provide engineering and consultant services to design, prepare engineering plans, specifications and estimates and provide contract planning and design services for construction of Greenway Cemetery improvements to reduce storm-water runoff. This project shall be work related to the cemetery improvements funded by a 2013 National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Chesapeake Bay Small Watersheds Grant.

The general outcomes of the work to be performed include:
• Converting unutilized impervious surfaces to bio-retention and other green practices
• Increase overall tree canopy in cemetery
• Reduce storm-water runoff and erosion from gravel roads

2. Deliverables
Task 1 – Existing Condition Survey (June 2104) Conduct an all-inclusive survey of the cemetery to locate areas that will provide the highest storm-water, nutrient, and sediment reductions. The consultant will analyze and compare stakeholder input and survey results and make final recommendations in the form of a green infrastructure master plan. The Consultant will then prepare an informational analysis to be documented in Microsoft Word and summarized in a PowerPoint Presentation.
The informational analysis will also include a synopsis of the following recommendations:
• Stormwater management BMPs
• Tree planting locations
• Cemetery service procedures

Task 2 – Layout and Design (July 2014)
The Consultant will provide a layout for tree plantings and BMP’s used to meet the identified nutrient and stormwater runoff reductions.

Task3 – Best Management Practice (BMP) Design (September 2014)
The Consultant will provide detailed design specifications and estimates for all BMP’s used to meet the identified nutrient and stormwater runoff reductions.

3. Schedule

The time frame for development of engineering plans, specifications and estimates is two months for each.

4. Meetings and Coordination

The consultant will meet with the designated representatives of the Town of Bath to discuss the progress of the plan on a monthly basis to seek input and exchange ideas.
Some of these meetings may be combined with specified focus meetings and public meetings.

5. Consultant Proposal Submittal Requirements

The successful applicant for preparation of the plans and specifications will be able to demonstrate the requisite professional capabilities to provide a full menu of planning and design services.

As a minimum, the proposal shall include the following evaluation information factors:

A. Professional qualifications necessary for consideration and satisfactory performance of the required work and as a minimum shall have a professional engineer licensed by the State of West Virginia and a Professional Landscape Architect. The firm shall have all licenses required by State and local governments to perform this work. That person shall be located within the office where the work is to be performed. This individual shall be the person-in-charge overseeing the work and must be readily accessible to the Town of Bath, WV.

B. Specialized experience and technical competence. Specialized experience shall focus on the qualifications of the staff working on the project with emphasis placed on individual specialized expertise required for the project. As a minimum, the firm shall provide a résumé of those individuals who will be committed to the needs of the project. Strong considerations will be based on the professional and non-professional staff specialized experience and technical competence stationed within the office where the work is to be performed. Identification of sub-consultants by name as to the type of work anticipated to be subcontracted or performed, if proposed as part of the design team.

C. The firm’s ability to accomplish the work within the required schedule time frame and personnel dedicated to perform such work. Past performance on contracts with Government agencies and private industry in terms of cost control, quality of work, and compliance with performance schedules. The geographic location of the Consultant’s office relative to the project site along with past experience and knowledge of the area where the project site is located with the significant importance being given to accessibility of the office location relative to the Town of Bath,WV.

All proposals to perform professional engineering services are expected by the Town of Bath no later than 5:00 p.m., EST 18 June 2014.

Proposal materials may be submitted electronically to: or mailed to:

Town of Bath
271 Wilkes Street
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
Attention: Debra Peck
Questions regarding this Request for Proposals may be addressed to Ms. Debra Peck @ 304-258-1102.

Once proposals have been received and reviewed respondents may be requested to present their proposal to the selection committee. Preparation of proposals are entirely at the cost of the respondents. While the Town intends to move forward with this project it is dependent to a degree on funding from State and Federal sources and while such sources have been responsive there is no guarantee of award.


The Town of Bath, 271 Wilkes Street, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411 is seeking proposals from qualified consultants/ engineers/ planners/ landscape architects to provide planning and design services to the Town of Bath. The project is identified as: Engineering and Consulting for Design, Engineering Plans, Specifications, Estimates and Construction Administration of Greenway Cemetery Improvements for Town of Bath (Berkeley Springs), West Virginia.

Interested parties may obtain a copy of the Request for Proposal [RFP] by calling Debra Peck at the Town of Bath 304-258-1102.

The scope of work includes (1) preparation of plans, specifications and estimates, (2) construction administration and inspection of project. It is anticipated that the layout work will be two months in duration commencing April 2014 with Best Management Practice Design and estimated by July 2014.  Procurement of said services shall be in accordance with Federal and State laws, rules and regulations. All consultants/ engineers/ /planners /landscape architects interested in being considered for this project must submit a proposal detailing qualifications, technical expertise, related prior experience, location of the office in which the work will be performed, work to be subcontracted, and administration and staffing capabilities (i.e., work force, work load, etc.) The object of the selection process is to objectively select the firm who will provide the highest quality and service. Accordingly technical qualifications and experience will be weighted heavily. The ability to complete the project in a timely and cost effective manner will also be considered. Selected respondents may be interviewed and the firm judged most qualified will be selected.

Please submit five (5) copies of the proposal information to:
Town of Bath
Attention: Debra Peck
271 Wilkes Street
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
304 258 1102

Proposals will be accepted NO LATER THAN 5:00 p.m., June 18, 2014, Eastern Daylight Savings Time. Said proposals will then be studied by the Town of Bath who will short list the candidates and interview the top three.

All work will be in accordance with all pertaining Federal and State laws, rules and regulations. The Town of Bath reserves the right to accept or reject any and/or all proposals.