The following candidates have filed Municipal Candidate’s Certificates of Announcement with the Town of Bath:
Scott MerkiĀ  – Mayor
Susan J. Webster – Recorder
Christopher W. Chapman – Council Member
Rose M. Jackson – Council Member
Elizabeth A. Skinner – Council Member
Richard W. Weber – Council Member
This list may be updated if there are any applications received with a US postmark prior to Midnight 1/26/19.
The deadline for candidates to withdraw is 3/19/19 and the deadline for write-in candidates to file is 4/23/19.

Town of Bath officers are elected by a majority for a 2 year term. Any person 18 years of age or older who is and has been a resident of the community for 30 days or more is eligible to vote in the Town of Bath elections.

2019 Municipal Election Calendar

Municipal Candidate Application

Chapter 26 – Elections

Manual for Election Officials of WV